Ine & Sanne — Launches creative studio Insane — 荷蘭 阿姆斯特丹

Ine & Sanne are launching their new creative studio: Insane. The Amsterdam-based directors have been working together for the past five years and are now expanding their business. Their new studio will offer creative direction in addition to video direction. “We are in the middle of creating a TV-commercial and photography campaign for a jewellery brand and are excited to release an online content campaign for a make-up brand at the end of the year. With creative studio Insane we like to think beyond the script of just one video. The demand for content is huge, we feel the urge to include this in a complete concept”.

Insane is a creative studio, offering creative direction and video direction. The studio specialises in exciting and unique visual worlds for products, collections and brands. The studio creates high-end concepts for branded content, videos, photo campaigns and other experiences, focussing on current trends in art, fashion and design. From concept creation to the perfect execution, Insane will deliver from start to finish.