Simple Info Design — 台北 台灣

’The Mystery of Victim Blaming’ by Simple Info Design received the 2017 Design Mark from the Golden Pin Design Award for visual communication design. “A simple way to tell the public the difficult things.”

Simple Info Design creates a simple way to tell the public the difficult things. Exploring a wide range of social issues, the design team has built up significant knowledge, which offers insight on public opinion and methods of communication. In April 2015, the studio was formed by 25 partners, including a strategists, animators, graphic designers, illustrators, and web engineers. The team offers professional services, from strategic planning, data structure, copywriting, and design execution, to information delivery. Together, they mould the key message around beautiful design, and more audience insights. Make your information fly further through intelligent design. In two years, the studio has delivered more than 150 design works to over 25 million people.