Tom Davie — Theographie — 俄克拉何馬城 美國

THEOGRAPHIE by Tom Davie is the investigation and visual examination that explores the relationships between theory, intellectualism, concept, narrative, media and style. THEORGRAPHS are an exploration-based, mind-centric approach to visual communication that embraces the fusion of theory with the conveyance of knowledge through layered meaning and story telling.

In an age of oversaturation, there is an overwhelming push to simplify. Simplicity of message, ease of use, intuitive solutions and clear directives. As attention spans have shortened, so too has an attempt to embrace and confront cognitive complexity. Spoonfed simplicity begets the same, sometimes out of necessity, but also out of fear of unqualified intellect. Existing on the periphery of traditional corporate communications, Theographie aims to enhance and broaden the manner in which visual designers think, problem solve, research, explore and experiment.