Patte Loper — Sparkly Darkly — 紐約 美國 — 24 FEB - 9 APR 2017

Black & White Gallery/Project Space, 56 Bogart Street, Brooklyn

Black & White Gallery/Project Space is very pleased to host Sparkly Darkly — a site-specific installation by Patte Loper. Formally trained as a painter, Loper is a conceptual artist working between several mediums to mine the histories of 20th century art. In Sparkly Darkly Loper uses iconic imagery from early surrealism and cubism as raw material that she fragments, disrupts, and dissolves into associative forms and shapes. The aesthetic and cultural codes of her sources, which were revolutionary in their own right — the tendency to dismantle and reformulate the figure as a reflection of social and cultural disruption — are evident and demonstrate the wide-ranging experimentation in the mediums she employs. The resulting multifaceted spatial collage composed of paintings, performance, video and new sculptural work constructed from recycled material as well as from repurposed sculptural objects from previous exhibitions evokes a response by the viewer, whose recognition of the destruction triggers an internal expectation of reconstruction.