THIS PLACE IS NOWHERE by Corey Smith, Gordon Holden & Schoph — 美國 洛杉磯 — 14 DEC, 2013 - 4 JAN, 2014

2677 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

THIS PLACE IS NOWHERE, which features the works of artists Corey Smith, Gordon Holden and Schoph, brings together three artists who take a serious (or not so serious) look at the society that surrounds us. In a “selfie”-saturated world, these artists create works that are provocative and often satirical or sarcastic remarks on pop-culture and the masses. There is a synthesis of playful curiosity and critique of the contemporary culture which calls the viewer to both internal and external discernment and reflection. Each artist works with mixed media, composing images and materials into a thoughtful perspective.