Zetteler Films — Restoration Station x Yinka Ilori (3:07)

Behind the scenes at Restoration Station, Zetteler Films! Low-down on the social enterprise’s new LDF collaboration with Yinka Ilori.

Art direction: Yinka Ilori
Photographer: Dan Weill
Filmmakers: Andy Dunn + Tim Dufort
Set design, fabrication and installation: Simon Sawyer
Vinyl studio: Dave Gibbons (Puck Studio) + Ioana Lupascu
Installation: Alex Booker
Mural design + direction: Julia Jomaa
Signage: Felix McCormack
Graphics assistance: Anneke Lange
Printing: Hato Press
Party partners: Pizza Pilgrims + MOJU Drinks

Chairs donated by Committee of Taste, Chase & Sorensen, Alex Cattell Upholstery and the general public.