Anagrama — Montelena Architecture & Interior Design — 墨西哥城 墨西哥

Montelena, represents a space designed for food tastings and exclusive gatherings. The architectural & interior design project, just like the brand, are inspired by the work of the Italian architect Scarpa, one of the most enigmatical architects of the 20th century, influenced by artisanal architecture styles.

Montelena’s main access was conceived as Chef Alberto Sentíes’ secret. The visitor experience commences after crossing the almost hidden door at the end of the hallway. Its distributor and main room are embraced by a warm lighting tone that creates a cozy and intimate atmosphere. The space displays a combination of modern finishes including steel, aluminum and marble attaining a contrast with the spontaneousness of natural materials such as stone and clay. The use of plants as natural objects feeds a fresh accent to the spaces accomplishing an atmosphere of comfort and exclusivity for the guests.