Avantgarde — Best Practices Area at EXPO 2017 — 慕尼黑/阿斯塔納

Avantgarde was commissioned to coordinate one of the pavilions at Astana EXPO 2017 focusing on Future Energy. Rich in raw materials, the country urges transition to a green economy and is regarded as a pioneer of renewable energies and energy efficiency in the region. 115 countries tackle the global challenge with innovative contributions on display at the EXPO. The design, graphic concept and overall coordination of the Energy Best Practices Area (EBPA) are the responsibility of the international creative agency Avantgarde, which also manages the Astana Contemporary Art Pavilion (ACAP).

A dynamic flow of energy is visible on the exterior façade of the Energy Best Practices Area (EBPA). Inside, it continues through both storeys of the pavilion and five theme areas. 20 outstanding examples of renewable and alternative energies, the use of natural energy resources, energy storage, distribution and traditional energy efficiency are exhibited in a surface area totalling more than 2,500 square metres.