Christian Halleröd — Axel Arigato Temporary Gallery Store — 瑞典 斯德哥爾摩

Contemporary footwear, accessories and apparel brand Axel Arigato have opened their first temporary gallery store in the heart of Stockholm at Smålandsgaten 28. Axel Arigato have collaborated again with acclaimed architect Christian Halleröd who designed the brand’s London flagship store. “We spoke a lot with Axel Arigato about how to use a relatively large surface like this room without compromising the experience of the powerful space”.

The design concept carries the signature feel of Halleröd designs combined with the pure aesthetics of the brand through the creative direction of Max Svärdh. The space is left intentionally clean with few elements completely blown out of proportion, like for instance the 100-kg abstract oval display in plexiglass in the centre of the store, the yellow fur seats and the yellow illusion windows. The sole purpose is to let the art stand out in the space.