mode:lina — LODOVNIA — 波蘭

mode:lina studio designers were recently commissioned by LODOVNIA, a new mobile ice cream shop at the heart of Poznań’s Stary Browar. Since the building took a central spot in the Courtyard of Art, mode:lina approached its façade as if it was a piece of art! Dark walls were extended with the use of almost one thousand white sport cones, referring to LODOVNIA’s fagship product — natural ice cream in a cone. Large glazed panels not only allow to peek in, but they also refect the surrounding Stary Browar’s architecture.

The interior is a black and white composition as well, warmed by triangle-shaped elements made of natural plywood. Both the triangles and the shape of a sport cone further connect with the letter ‘V’ in LODOVNIA’s logo, which makes the architectural result consistent with the ice cream shop’s visual identity system.