Plot Architecture Office — Village House at Clear Water Bay Garden — 西貢 香港

The residential project “Village House” at Clear Water Bay Garden by Plot Architecture Office was designed to embrace rural living in Hong Kong. Deep in the suburb of Hong Kong, a 700 square feet ground floor unit of a local village house is set next to a 1,200 square feet terrace with a glimpse of the South China Sea. The design searches for a stronger coherency between the unit and the terrace as a means to embrace rural living. The constraint of the limited opening, which is the only connection between the unit and the terrace, becomes the challenge.

Materials are sourced regionally to complement the original aged granite wall and the row of native trees, Chinese Junipers, that surround the site. This includes the Chinese river stones and blue bricks, which are laid to align and to tie in the carved stone, the water surface and the timber deck. The three components together create an interconnection of sensory experience, which also strengthens the link between the unit and its terrace.