FOLKK — Artisan Homeware — 貝爾格萊德 塞爾維亞

FOLKK produces high-quality homeware design products such as kilims, pillows, wooden plates, and serving boards. Its unique approach is to bring together the knowledge of knitting and woodcarving from rural Serbia with cutting-edge concepts from the emerging design talents of the region. Together, designers and makers bridge generations and disciplines to create desirable, finely-crafted, one-of-a-kind products.

FOLKK is a Belgrade-based social business that connects masters of traditional Balkan crafts with emerging designers to make the highest quality homeware. Its vision is to revive the traditional, centuries-long craftsmanship and skillsets of Balkan artisans in different regions, and give worldwide visibility to the products through their online platform. It is committed to sustainable production processes, the use of local materials, and fair compensation for everyone involved in the creation of these products.