Playtype — Attitude Mugs — 哥本哈根 丹麥

The popular hand-glazed ceramic Attitude Mugs from Playtype are back! Each featuring Playtype’s very own font, the Italien Plate No 2 Black Italic. 8 styles to choose from: ACTIVIST, ANARCHIST, EGOIST, FEMINIST, MATERIALIST, NARISSIST, OPTIMIST and PESSIMIST.

Featuring expert-level typeface design, Playtype creates custom-made typefaces for brands and corporations, and has an extensive library of fonts available to individuals or graphic companies. The brand/agency/foundry believes in distinct and unique typefaces as the main ingredient in strong, modern visual identities. Playtype has a flagship store in Copenhagen, an online store, and more than 150 reselling stores around the world distributing Playtype posters, mugs, and more!