Silvia Ceñal — Lau Stool — 西班牙 聖塞瓦斯蒂安

The design of the stool Lau rise in value the Spanish expression “That is made with four tables”. In fact, the aim of simplicity as the maximum value of design has as its object in this new proposal. Four boards, four legs, four sheets in the seat… The four becomes a number whose magic makes possible the functionality, the economy of space and a simple manufacture.

Four, that is, Lau in Euskera, the native language of our forests and our wood. The sound that gives name to the stool. Lau is stackable. You can put three units together at the same time, saving space and an investment on the order that most current homes appreciate. The possibilities of the Lau stool are multiple, such as dining room seat, auxiliary furniture, bedside table, perfect for any environment.