Simon Robin — Skyline Jewellery — 香港

“Hong Kong may not be attractive, but it is dynamic and full of charm!!!” Amazed by the stunning night view of the Hong Kong Victoria Harbour, Simon Robin knew it was not only a famous attraction — the heartbeat-like skyline of the harbour also represents the vitality of city.

“In architecture, we design space by sculpting the void.” Simon applied this prominent concept into his necklace collection: it represents the void of Hong Kong and reveals its unique cityscape made up by all the fabulous buildings. The jewellery collection is very popular and especially attracts expats in Hong Kong. This clearly shows Hong Kong has its own unique attractions for foreigners like Simon. His tote bag collection is another popular design that portrayed the unique characteristics that could only be found in Hong Kong. Simon will never stop creating because his moral: Time spent on something he really loves will never be wasted. The two collections have won Hong Kong Smart Design Awards 2017. (Photo taken by Romain Barthe)