Studiocharlie — Made a Mano: SARDINE Tile — 意大利

Sardines, anchovies and mackerel swim fast, gather in schools, separate, create evenly distributed formations and then serry their ranks, a few remain outside the group then rush back to become lost amongst the others. Glazed terracotta tiles with handmade stencil, four subjects.

Studiocharlie, industrial and graphic design studio based in Italy, was founded in 2002 by Gabriele Rigamonti (Zingonia, 1976), Carla Scorda (Catanzaro, 1976) and Vittorio Turla (Rovato, 1975). They received the Honourable Mention in 2004 for the XX Compasso d’Oro ADI with Csuni typeface project. In 2005 they designed Punto Pecora, their first fabric for Lanificio Leo; in 2008 they started collaborating with Boffi, designing 4millimetri table; in 2010 they made their first project for Vittorio Bonacina, Ala screen, while in 2011 they designed the Conchiglia sideboard for Lema. Among the last designs: stainless steel taps Eclipse for Boffi (selected for ADI Design Index 2016), rattan easy tables Canarino for Vittorio Bonacina, Cavalletta table for Atipico.