A’Design Award and Competition 2022 — Call for Entry — 意大利

The A’Design Award and Competition is for designers, innovators and companies that want to highlight themselves to attract the attention of media, publishers and buyers. It has up to 100 categories and it is for creative of all types with awards ranging from Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award to Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award to Good Service Design Award and Good Fashion Design Award. A’Design Award and Competition is one the world’s largest and most influential design award; extremely prestigious with amazing jury, press recognition and high calibre laureates. Enter into the awards today and compete for global fame, recognition and publicity!

In case you are wondering, The Grand A’ Design Award Jury Panel is composed of design professionals, press members and academics. The foundation of any good design award, in addition to fair evaluation and judging by an extensive methodology, is to have a strong and expert design competition jury which provides their invaluable knowledge base and insight to evaluate the submitted entries, creating benefit and value for participants by transferring their insights and ideas in form of votes, feedbacks and suggestions. Registration to the competition is extremely easy. Deadline for early submission is 30 JUN 2021 with results publicly announced on 01 MAY 2022.

Image being showcased are:
• Parachute Wall Shelf by Yusuke Watanabe
• Vortex Fireplace by Dario Sousa
• Ging Chair by Alan Hung
• MOME Campus by 3h Architects Ltd.
• Open Village Cinema by Shimu Wang
• Aurora Lodge Chalet by Snorre Stinessen
• Logothetis Food Packaging by Antonia Skaraki
• Pepsi NFL Limited Edition Packaging by Dennis Furniss
• ZhuoQing Instant Tea Essence by Tiger Pan
• Translucence Pendant Light by Iestyn Davies
• Obj01 Lamp by Manu Bano
• Apex Cordless Lamp by Peter Ellis and Gabriel Tam
• River to Ocean All Gender Fashion Collection by Qiongxin Kou and Yiyao Nie
• Cocle Womenswear Collection by Bingrou Chen
• Re Created Sustainable Suite by Kestutis Lekeckas