A’Design Award and Competition 2021 — Final Call for Submission — 意大利

In a world where there are millions of products and designs launch each year, A’Design Award and Competition was born out of the desire to underline the best designs and well designed products. Submissions are now open in 100+ categories, with popular choices including Interior Space and Exhibition Design; Architecture, Building and Structure Design; Furniture, Decorative Items and Homeware Design; Packaging Design; Graphics and Visual Communication Design — there is bound to be something that fits you! Register today to be in the running for publicity and sponsorship opportunities. The final deadline for submissions is 28 FEB 2021!

The A’Design Award and Competition was developed after a scientific research study based on prior analysis of thousand other design competitions as well as ethnographic research and survey of over 500 designers and brands who take part in design competitions. Year after year, the platform provides extensive and intense publicity to award winning designs, it is considered as a quality and high-return alternative to any advertising you might be running provided that you have a good design that could win the accolade.

Winning pieces shown are:
• Time Book by Yi Tong
• Phan Collection by Yongphan Sundara Vicharana
• One Line by Jaroslaw Markowicz
• Interpretation Centre of Romanesque by spaceworkers
• We Share Micro Nest by Tengyuan Design
• Best in Black by Fernando Valdez
• Happy Ginger Ale by Wen Liu and Jiayi Sun
• Holiday Gift Set by Salvita Bingelyte
• Lifewtr Series 7 Art Through Technology by PepsiCo Design and Innovation
• Studio with Mirror Bridge by Jinrui Liu
• Polyot by Julien Albertini and Alina Pimkina
• KUN by Han Lu
• 360 Degree Functional Lamp by Sungsu Park
• Solarpill by Alican Faydalı
• Cadaques by David Morera
• Sense Move by Zhulin Shi