A’Design Award & Competition 2024 — World Design Rankings — 意大利

World Design Rankings (WDR) ranks all the countries based on the number of designers that have been granted with the A’Design Award. WDR is to Design what Olymics is to Sports. The idea behind this friendly competition is to inspire innovations and outstanding designs. A’Design Award and Competition is one the world’s largest and most influential design award; extremely prestigious with amazing jury, press recognition and high calibre laureates. Enter into the 2024 awards and compete for global fame, recognition and publicity!

The A’Design Award and Competition has up to 100 categories and it is for creative of all types with awards ranging from Good Industrial Design Award, Good Architecture Design Award to Good Product Design Award, Good Communication Design Award to Good Service Design Award and Good Fashion Design Award. Register today to be in the running for an A’Trophy in 2024!

Here are some of last year’s A’Design Award winning pieces:
• 4 in 1 System Storage Unit by Zhe Gao and Youjin Song
• Lavvu Small Tables by Dorian Asscherick
• Relax Chaise Lounge by Charlotte Abrahamsson Kwetczer
• Barro Lamp by Caterina Moretti
• Parla Multifunctional Lamp by Tara Derakhshanfar
• Od Ana Lighting by Cenk Ahmet Kaya
• Haocailou Resturant by Sig Studio
• Rattan and Crane Residential by Jiansheng Ke, Bing Wang and Xiaoke Huang
• Yuamu Hotel by Naoya Tochio
• Prakrishi Honey Packaging by Vishal Vora
• Mugo Bottled Soda Label by Tanya Dunaeva
• Little Green Bud Shampoo Cosmetic Packaging by Biao Wang
• Horyukaku Illustration by Nico Aihara
• Scuba Diving Sites 300 Infographic Poster by Dong-chern Cin
• Xing Yun Shu Dessert by Bingying Liu
• Inspiration Season Main Vision by Chunyang Wang and Qianqian Yao