A’Design Award & Competition 2018 — Winners Announced — 意大利

A’Design Award & Competition, one the world’s largest and most diffused international design awards announced results of the 2017-2018 design competition: 1962 Winners from 100 countries in 99 different design disciplines. Best products, projects and services worldwide that demonstrate superior design, technology and creativity are rewarded with the A’Design Award; the symbol of excellence in design and innovation. There are 5 different levels of distinction: Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron. Designers, companies and institutions from all countries are annually called to take part in the accolades by nominating their best works, projects and products for award consideration.

From Spatial Design (Architecture, Interior Design, Urban Design and Landscape Design) to Industrial Design (Product Design, Appliance Design, Vehicle Design and Machinery Design); Communication Design (Graphics Design, Interaction Design and Marketing Design) to Fashion Design (Garment Design, Fashion Accessory Design and Footwear Design), here are 20 picks from the 2018-2018 A’Design Award winners:

• Grotto Sauna by PARTISANS
• Malangen by Snorre Stinessen
• The Ring by MZ Architects
• Nike+ Run Club on Huaihai by Coordination Asia
• Shanghai Film Museum by Coordination Asia
• Light Cube by Natalya Koptseva
• Banco by La Agencia
• Catino by Emanuele Pangrazi
• Stocker by Matthias Scherzinger
• Le Cube by Rob van Puijenbroek
• Hideaway by Think & Shift Studio
• Traces Womenswear Collection by Rong Zhang
• Bed of Roses by Kelly Ng Hiew Mui
• Sustainable packaging by Omdesign
• Dan Sultan Magnetic by Jonathan Chong
• Micro Matter by Rosa de Jong
• Eagle by Ignas Survila
• Memento by Bryan Leung
• Double Cross by Pip Tompkin Design
• Ampathy by Hyungjun Koo