Base Design — JFK Terminal 4 — 紐約 美國

JFK Terminal 4, the only privately owned terminal in the states, came to BASE with one important question. How to personify Terminal 4 through a new identity? Their objective was to not only create a logo but also create a memorable sense of place. Through the visual identity BASE captured the spirit of “Guide & Delight” and the duality that is inherent to the terminal. Terminal 4 can “Guide” the passengers by being efficient, safe, and reliable as well as “Delight” them by creating surprising and engaging moments. Traveling through a terminal should not be a dreadful experience but an engaging pleasant journey.

BASE is a leading international branding firm specializing in brand strategy and identity. BASE was founded in Brussels, Belgium in 1993 by Thierry Brunfaut and Dimitri Jeurissen and maintains studios in New York, Brussels, Geneva and Los Angeles.