Carlos Villarreal Kwasek — Andean Sky — 挪威 奧斯陸

Andean Sky is an interactive web-comic about an immigrant who returns to his home-country Ecuador, in South America, to reconnect with his own culture. With this project I am dealing with themes of identity, religion and technology projected into the future within the Latin American context. I have a passion for science fiction and I want to imagine how a place like Ecuador might look like in centuries to come. Andean Sky is available for free and it can be displayed on PC, iOS and Android.

Carlos Villarreal Kwasek — the creator of Andean Sky, is a Game Developer specialised in Illustration, Graphic Design, and Animation. His life long passion for science fiction has lead him to develop this project about Ecuador in the future. Andean Sky is his MA thesis at the Interactive Design Institute.