DesignStudio — Artfinder — 倫敦/三藩市

Global collective DesignStudio, known for branding Airbnb, Premier League, Deliveroo, and Twitter, recently completed its latest effort for online art marketplace Artfinder. DesignStudio crafted the proposition ‘Making Art Work,’ which describes how Artfinder is rebalancing and opening up the art world – making it accessible to all. For customers Artfinder is making owning art a choice for everyone, while ensuring artists can make a viable career from their talents.

This branding is particularly interesting given its prominent set of muted colors and the unifying design element called “The Dot” that evokes the classic circular stickers that signify a piece of art has been bought. These features come together to give the new Artfinder brand a clean, consistent, eye-catching aesthetic that confidently speaks to the incredible artwork available on its website. Check out the attached images for reference.