Vienna International Airport Campaign — 奧地利 維也納

The brand new advertising campaign for Vienna International Airport (VIE) by Dvorak trifft Schwab pays attention towards the wide range of shopping and culinary desires at Vienna Airport: the passengers enjoying a drink or a coffee, eat or enjoy shopping before departure. The centerpiece of the campaign are the products that can be found and bought at the airport — coffee mugs, spirits, perfumes gift boxes — all carrying a charming headline with a wink. The design is remarkably reduced; the objects are placed on coloured, “endless-seeming” paper backgrounds — achieving graphically-abstracted, modern and international look.

Idea & Creative Concept: Dvorak trifft Schwab
Art Director: Martin Dvorak
Copywriter: Florian Schwab
Photographer: Christoph Meissner
Client: Vienna International Airport / Center Management