Lorem Ipsum Studio — Teatrix — 貝爾格萊德 塞爾維亞

In an oversaturated market of trashy events planners, a creative, different and eclectic team is hard to come by. Lorem Ipsum was commissioned by this one-in-a-million team of 3 sisters who feel passionately about their work and always strive to do something different — to created a strong visual identity and illustration style for Teatrix that translates the energy and passion seen throughout their work.

Illustrations were done by the very talented Kaekovi who created the visuals based on the items and “miss-en-scene” that sisters encounter with in their work on a daily basis. The logo bird is a very important symbol for the ladies from Teatrix since it is featured as a detail in almost every project they have done. Custom made monospaced word mark is well balanced and accompanies well the logo bird. Our work also included design of their website and business and promotional materials.