MINIMA Advertising People — Pulva Architecture — 波蘭 波茲南

The new communication strategy developed for the Pulva architecture studio was inspired by real places, nature and the works of artists cooperating with the company. Concentration, sensitivity and meticulous attention to the client’s needs are the key elements of the approach that Pulva adopts to create unique interiors in which the sources of inspiration are easy to identify. The aim of the new brand image is to assure the studio clients that their architect works in accordance with their needs and that the structure of the design process is coherent and clear.

MINIMA Advertising People is a Poznan-based advertising agency founded in 2005. It specializes in creating brands from the ground up, hence its mission statement: Big things often have small beginnings. Their endeavors lead to the creation of strong, recognizable brands equipped with a complete array of communication tools.