The Unhinged Doors of Heatstroke Hotel are now open! — 斯里蘭卡

It’s good to get out of your comfort zone every now and then. Just before the world went into lockdown, Yok & Sheryo found themselves shipwrecked on a very sweaty tropical island… out in the surf getting heatstroked and looking back on their best memories from their travels, birthed “Yeahnahnesia” and “Heatstroke Hotel”.

The concept was inspired by the duo’s travels into the dark sweltering corners of the tropics, particularly by their discovery of a spectacular semi-abandoned hotel in Sri Lanka (which they promptly painted). Heatstroke Hotel is the official merch and souvenir store of the hotel featuring iconic “too hot to handle” lifestyle and apparel items. Future capsules will offer items such as bathrobes, hotel slippers, pool towels and many more hotel goodies.