A Transient Space — Residency & Exhibition — 倫敦 英國 — 12-13 DEC, 2015

Geddes Gallery, 26 Caledonian Road, N1 9DU, London

Curated by Cornelia Marland and Miguel Mallol, 'A Transient Space' is a five day residency followed by a collective exhibition in Geddes Gallery, Kings Cross, London. Seven artists and a group of filmmakers have been invited to create work in direct response to a building, to explore and respond to the space as it is. The participating artists are Andrea Abbatangelo , Alex J. Bunn, Cristina Guitian, James Rogers & Henry Badrick , Susana Sanroman and William Angus. Hannah Adlide will be working with filmmakers Louis Judkins and Ellie Bartlett to document the residency. The artists involved will spend 5 days in the space creating work and sharing experiences in response to their surroundings: there are no rules!