Jeremy Wafer — Index — 開普敦 南非 — 9 MAR - 15 APR 2017

Goodman Gallery, 3rd Floor Fairweather House, 176 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock

Jeremy Wafer, South Africa’s pre-eminent post-minimalist, whose solo exhibition INDEX is currently on at Goodman Gallery Cape Town. Wafer’s work may seem an anomaly to those who expect art from Africa to be highly patterned, colourful, raw or reactionary. They may wonder what an artist whose visual language seems inspired by Sol LeWitt or Donald Judd has to say that is relevant to Africa. But the work of Wafer, who has stayed true to his approach for 40 years, is an eloquent expression of his time and place. He engages in questions of space, border-making, home and representation that are highly politicised issues in Africa right now – through the lens of someone more drawn to a minimalist language.