Jerwood Gallery presents 'Faces In The Flotsam' by Beccy McCray — 東薩塞克斯郡 英國 — 15 AUG, 2015

Jerwood Gallery, Rock-a-Nore Road, Hastings Old Town, East Sussex TN34 3DW

This project introduces the idea of the sea as ‘curator’. In a beach-combing session and creative workshop, interesting washed up or discarded items found on the Hastings shoreline are made into colourful characters with the use of simple anthropomorphic features and a glue gun. Participants are also encouraged to beach comb in the run up to the event and bring in their finds. This project shows that value can be given to the things we normally consider ‘rubbish’ and that we can be creative with ‘waste’ - it also cleans up the beach at the same time!