Loulou & Tummie Solo Exhibition — 哈瑟爾特 比利時 — 24 FEB - 10 MAR 2017

Alley, Dorpsstraat 38/1

Let LouLou & Tummie takes you to their color and imaginative universe of characters and robots! Ranging from prints to the wooden robots LouLou’s Woodshop and Tummie’s patterns on pillows and stuffed animals. Laurens (Loulou) and Chantal (Tummie) are a creative duo. They work together since 2004 from the Dutch Tilburg. At first sight is their individual work across as contradictory: Tummie works with cute characters and ornate patterns, while Loulou’s work is sleek and geometric. But they found a symbiosis and since they operate under the name of LouLou & Tummie.