Bruce Nauman: Language Body on the Occasion of Converge 45 — 美國 波特蘭 — 18 JUL - 6 AUG, 2016

Center for Contemporary Art & Culture, Pacific Northwest College of Art - PNCA

The Center for Contemporary Art & Culture at Pacific Northwest College of Art (PNCA) presents Bruce Nauman: Language Body 18 JUL to 06 AUG, 2016. This exhibition is part of The Jordan D. Schnitzer Exhibition and Visiting Artist Lecture Series and is co-presented with Converge 45 and the PNCA’s MFA in Print Media. LANGUAGE BODY presents 15 works by Nauman from the collection of the Jordan D. Schnitzer Family Foundation. The exhibition focuses two signature elements in Nauman’s works, text and the body. Since the late 1960’s, Nauman’s wide ranging work in diverse media has returned again and again to the unstable natures of language and flesh.