Muslin Brothers — I’m Feeling Lucky — 特拉維夫 以色列

“I’m Feeling Lucky” is a combination of spatial work and ongoing live installation created especially for Jerusalem Design Week. Containing a collection of 80 coats, each one is slightly different but all are a variation of the iconic M65 army field coat. M65 is the official name of the American combat coat that was design for Vietnam war, same coat that was lated donated to the IDF and had become a style and status definer garment both in the military and nonmilitant society.

By choosing a random number between 1-80, the coats were given to the visitors for a limited time to wear and engage in the artificial desert. Unlike the endurance tests given to the original army coats, the experiment being conducted by Muslin Brothers is of individual singular experience and the collective instinctive reaction of getting dressed. During the week, the Fashion Island hosted different creatives for a secret mail art workshop, a live presentation and a video filming. Photo credits: Dor Kedmi, Asaf Einy, Elad Sarig