Urban Hustler — Spring/Summer 2017 — 印度尼西亞 雅加達

In collaboration with 16DenimScale, MAKNA is proud to present Urban Hustler SS16/17, a basic apparel consisting of tops, bottoms, headwear and accessories suited for the lifestyle of modern urbanites. The collection focused mostly on lightweight cotton and denim, enabling its wearer to be comfortable as they mind about their business. Paying attention to details in their stitching, fabrics, buttons and zippers. Clean, simple and basic — allowing each individual to adapt these designs into their own style.

The Urban Hustler is the man waking at the crack of dawn to pursue his dreams, it is the girl who pulled an all-nighter preparing for her debut as art scene’s fresh new face, it is your en suite neighbor the passionate writer, the traveller who is hopelessly in love with adventure, the Urban Hustler is you and me. Us and them.