Magda Danysz Gallery — THE MAGZ Spring 2017 — 巴黎/上海/倫敦

Art infuses, helps to share and transmit. This spring, exhibitions in galleries and in institutions are flourishing, so many opportunities to get amazed by with so many varied, colorful and captivating contemporary talents. In the course of trips to China, the United States, Belgium, Luxembourg and in all of France, it is the many encounters with the artists that have forged this new issue.

THE MAGZ is a quarterly contemporary art magazine by Magda Danysz Gallery. Like every spring, the art world brings its lot of beautiful projects, which in this year of the rooster blossom: a new gallery space in Shanghai; exhibitions of your favorite artists in art centers and prestigious museums. THE MAGZ is also the opportunity to make a nod to colleagues, tireless actors of the art world, who do a wonderful job in their respective houses.