Threaded Magazine Ed.18 – The Curiosity Issue — 新西蘭 奧克蘭

Threaded magazine is a publication that is all about people as designers and designers as people exploring who they are and what drives them to do their work.

Curiosity. Who cares what it did to the cat? These days, more than ever, a sense of curiosity is the ultimate self-starter kit, for not only every designer but every sentient human being. It’s like an action pack that no knowledge-acquisitive superhero can go without. Without curiosity to set you off, these days, you really are lost. Like it or not, the days of the clock puncher are numbered. Machines will do all the heavy lifting in no time, and the feather-dusting too for that matter. Therefore, in a sense, we must all be in the self-improvement business, whatever other business we happen to be in. Education has gone buzzword holistic. It’s everywhere you are and everything you do, or as close as it can be. Well, learning is certainly no longer the preserve of the athenaeum, the academy, the lecture room, the ivory tower, the Ivy league or even the studio – and certainly not the privileged few.