Serranetga — Samsung GALAXY S6 – Nobody Wants to Dance (4:11)

Samsung makes people dance in front of a big, interactive GALAXY S6, streams it live and creates the official music video for “Nobody Wants to Dance”

For the GALAXY S6 sales launch, Samsung and their agency Serranetga got Switzerland dancing. For this campaign, a GALAXY S6 edge measuring five metres in height was installed at Zurich’s main train station. Famous Swiss soul singer Seven appeared on the screen of the giant phone and attempted to imitate the moves of members of the public who danced to his new song “Nobody Wants to Dance”. Those who dared to dance could then watch the musician try and copy their own dance moves. What the participants didn’t know was that the person on the screen was not an avatar of the soul star, nor was it a product of digital projection mapping – it was the musician in person. The singer was inside the phone dancing for a full eight hours.