A-Cut, by Atelier school of visual arts, design and life 2013/14 student Ivan Obara — 西班牙 巴塞羅那

Atelier is the result of and innovative initiative in the fields of Design and Visual Arts. Based in Barcelona, its main objective is focused on discovering and promoting new creative, experimental, analogue, and technological alternatives to boost post-digital creation. Atelier just collaborated with Notegraphy, the perfect application to share your text through beautiful design. A mix of geometric shapes, paper, cuts, shadows, analogue and digital with fun hand made humanistic experiments touch. Intent not to be the protagonist but the support who amplifies the words meaning, cohesively. Recommended for spread happiness, joy, good news, love messages, congrats, recipes, advices, true-life stories, fiction, inspirational and self-help quotes. Download the App now!