Grosz Co.Lab for 'High Fangs' garage rockers — 澳大利亞 墨爾本

Grosz Co.Lab has recently been comissioned by High Fangs to devise a concept and create a set for a film clip to support their album launch. Consisting solely of found materials, Grosz Co Lab pieced together 34 cardboard boxes, 375 bottle tops donated by friends, 52 A4 laser prints, 4 drum sticks, 4 metres of twine, 5 rolls of sticky tape, 9 litres of PVA glue and hand torn black & white paper to create an entire film clip set built in-house at the Grosz Co.Lab studio. The end result is a range of meticulously detailed guitars, instruments, studio consoles, drums and guitar pedals to be featured in the upcoming film clip shoot.