Pepsi X Antonio O’Connell — Light in the Darkness — 墨西哥城 墨西哥

The spotlight on Mexico City Design Week shone particularly bright this year largely in part due to Pepsi. The brand has partnered with the not for profit Liter of Light organization and renowned Mexican artist Antonio O’Connell to bring “Ignite the Light” — a program that fuses art, philanthropy and social commentary and action to Mexico City.

As part of the Pepsi Challenge, the iconic beverage brand’s 2015 global program, Pepsi has been challenging people worldwide to bring attention to communities that lack access to electricity and basic lighting solutions. Using empty recycled plastic bottles, innovative designs and simple circuitry, Liter of Light builds solar lights for day and night with zero carbon emissions and to date, has provided ecologically-sustainable lighting solutions to more than 18 countries.