A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti — “Che Languorino” Iper Piazza Portello — 米蘭 意大利

A4A Rivolta Savioni Architetti was recently commissioned an all-round project for the Iper Food Court in the Piazza Portello shopping centre, ranging from the development of the concept to the set-up of the area and from the visual identity to the communication. “Che languorino” (feeling peckish) comes from Iper’s need to boost the food court which looks on to the square and the hypermarket in Piazza Portello, to make it pleasant and attract increasing numbers of people.

The area for breakfast, lunch and snacks intends to offer a simple and healthy cuisine, attentive combinations and a welcoming atmosphere. The distinctive elements are giving priority to freshness and Italian products, attention to the new trends of consumption, dishes “without” and transparency down the whole line. Introducing a different style in the interior design of the brand and new communication of and in the venue, where everything has been carefully thought out. The project does not stop at the concept and its application, but extends to the venue’s naming and claim, the contents and tone of the communication and even the visual identity: from the design of the logotype to the graphics for signs and information, including the collaterals and the labels of the products.