Boytorun Architects — Mercedes-Benz Turk IT Service Center — 伊斯坦布爾 土耳其

Mercedes Benz Technology Services’ new office in Istanbul by Boytorun Architects provides flexible and agile working space for the technology division and introduces the implementation of a new way of working with its very traditional agora style meeting room also called as “war room” where critical decisions are made.

Flexibility, mobility, adaptability as its most pertinent design features, this open-space office is an innovative workspace that encourages interaction and is socially engaging. It is vibrant and is open to change. Centrally placed hubs are highly visible and workstations can be adapted to accommodate growth. The overall design is lively and fun with an industrial edge featuring colorful signage and playfully themed areas. The workspaces can be arranged and re-arranged in different ways to support interactions, various team configurations and workplace activities. The acoustic textile ceiling adds great value to the quality of the open office space.