CL3 — H Queen’s — 香港

H Queen’s is a 24-storey purpose built vertical gallery building in the heart of CBD Hong Kong. Dedicated to art businesses, restaurants and retail, the building aims to transform the urban environment by creating a new focus for art and entertainment alongside HK’s historic Pottinger Street. Features include a laminated low-e IGU glass curtain wall with ceramic fitting and an integrated building maintenance unit (BMU) that includes a gondola system to facilitate the delivery of artworks through the operable facade on each gallery floor. The restaurant floors include large exterior balconies or terraces for al fresco dining, with a dramatic roof top bar.

Established by international award-winning architect William Lim in 1992, CL3 is one of Asia’s leading architecture and design firms. The practice of 60 professionals is based in Hong Kong, with additional offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Deeply rooted in the principles of Asian design, CL3 blends an intuitive sense of light, balance and proportion with contemporary solutions and innovative materials to produce designs that are versatile, surprising and that sit in harmony with their setting.