COC Design — Discovery Bay Apartment — 香港

Hong Kong and Italy based COC design has just completed their latest project, founder and director Kevin Chu’s own flat in Hong Kong. A real activist on being green with any design he has used predominantly natural mimicking material, recycled components and low energy consumption systems in his design. An organic farm is also incorporated in his roof top to supply 60-70% of his daily veggie consumption. “As designers and consumers living in a city which degrades extensive natural resources, we have to learn to respect and live back to the land. Luxury living does not mean using blocks of wood, chunks of marble or slaps of granite. Being conscious with our action and preserving the beauty of nature should be criteria in all modern metropolis citizens”

COC (Chu Original Creations) design is a multi-disciplinary design firm based in Hong Kong and Italy. It tackles contemporary Green Architecture, Interior, and Product as well as Customized Artwork and Art Installations Projects. Started in 2012 founder and director Kevin Chu studied in the Bartlett School of Architecture at the prestigious London University and graduated with distinction. COC design has won numerous awards globally with its boundary pushing designs and has been published extensively. It is nominated as one of the most creative design firms coming out of Asia.

Principle design:
Kevin Chu, Giulia Dibonaventura

Photography by:
Steffan Leyshon-Jones (www.urbandecoy.co)