Daisuke Motogi Architecture — Art Photo 2016 — 日本 東京

Daisuke Motogi Architecture was commissioned to design an art fair venue using a vacant building in Kayaba-cho. The district had been one of the centers of the stock exchange during the period of high economic growth in Japan, but lost its vigor after the rise of the online stock exchange. The building used for the venue was set to be demolished due to redevelopment of the area in the near future.

For the reason of an easy construction for a 4-day event, Daisuke Motogi Architecture decided to use tube pipes (with shiny gold plating) for scaffolding — integrating luxury and roughness without negating each other. Thinking from a contemporary Tokyo perspective, the designer of the exhibition intended to create a condition where diverse elements co-exist and are treated equally, while maintaining a sense of wholeness at the same time.

“Entrance, reception counters, and sponsor booths were designed with lightness and elegance. In contrast, we maintained the rough texture of the stripped-off walls and floor of the stair and passage leading to the exhibition spaces on the second floor; the space is kept dark, illuminated only with ambient lighting for photo shooting, marked with the direction arrow sign.”