Finnis Architects — Port Melbourne Residence — 澳大利亞 墨爾本

Originally designed and used as a milk bar, the background of this residence adds to the charm as the site has undergone multiple renovations over its history. The original skeleton and framework were inherited by Finnis Architects and developed by the firm in 1999 as two dwellings. The brief given to Finnis included a desire to create a contemporary floorplan utilising and expanding all internal spaces and catering for the family’s current and future needs.

Propped amongst neighbouring trees, one of the primary design aspects was to capture a sense of movement throughout the home. By opening up the first floor level and incorporating full height glazing to the living and kitchen areas, they were able to frame the lush green nature of the surrounding environment. This worked in harmony with the lightness of the interiors, creating a calm tranquillity, resonating throughout the design. The movement of the trees in the breeze is carried throughout the dwelling, via the detailing and incorporation of lightly textured tiling and careful consideration to the complete material and colour palette.