Finnis Architects — St Kilda Extension — 墨爾本 澳大利亞

The St Kilda Extension by Finnis Architects is a modern addition to a period style home which complements and transforms the classic modesty of the street frontage into a suburban backyard oasis in the busy suburb of St-Kilda in Melbourne’s South.

One of the greatest achievement of the St Kilda Extension is its recognition of the existing house and its materiality which isn’t lost but rather celebrated through the extension process. This is evident as the charm of the red brick seen on the façade is carried through to the backyard and creeps surprising elements into the interior living space, adding a certain charismatic layer to the house. The environmental and heritage elements are effortlessly integrated into the home without feeling forced or faked whilst the individuality of the design from both the architects and interior designers is clear. The home is both a unique reflection of the owners through its personalised textures, materials and design choices, whilst actively creating brilliant entertaining spaces and a family home to live in for many years to come.