Moriyuki Ochiai Architects — Crystalscape Beauty Salon — 日本 東京

A space exuding the radiance associated with beautiful, vibrant and shiny hair brimming with vitality. Metallic waves representing the gracious way in which hair flows, are intricately weaved into a white matrix of geometric patterns (a lattice structure featuring a signature color gradation of white and wooden tones) to produce a mystical luminous crystal from which a subdued light scatters as it bounces off the creases in the metal.

Moriyuki Ochiai Architects created a space in which minute shifts in natural light can be felt throughout the day and the seasons, and the evolving landscape appreciated to the fullest, by playing with the configuration of the white lattice/metal wave compound according to each area and increasing the circumvolutions in the metal waves acting as reflectors inside the hair cutting area where natural light comes in the most.