NAN Architects — Sana Sana Pilates — 蓬特韋德拉 西班牙

Following the success of its first project for physiotherapy, aesthetic and pilates, Sana Sana — NAN Architects recently helped in the designing of the facility expansion to cater for group classes. Continuing with the ideas from its previous location where spaciousness is key to the overall form factor; this newly expansion uses materials and illumination in such a way that produces sensations of calmness to their visitors.

The floor plan is simple: a reception area, various function rooms and a small changing room. This is organized by a fluid space that contracts and dilates according to use and where each of the architectural components, including lighting and installations, emphasize this idea of movement and calm. The facade is intended to respect as much as possible the existing gaps and simply wraps with a skin that uniforms and gives privacy, achieving a strong and dual image: semi-opaque during the day, semi-transparent at night. For this it is covered with corrugated micro-perforated sheet with which light effects are obtained, and the existing holes can be appreciated both inwards and outwards.