OEO Studio — Natur & Nicolai Bergmann — 東京/哥本哈根

Copenhagen-based design practice OEO Studio has just completed the design of a flagship store in Tokyo for Danish floral designer Nicolai Bergmann’s new fine jewellery brand, Natur & Nicolai Bergmann. Located in a distinctive building designed by Japanese architects SANAA, in the Minami-Aoyama area of the city, the flagship space is spread over three floors, each floor showcasing a designated jewellery range: casual, jewellery collection, and bridal.

For the design, OEO Studio has taken inspiration from the artistic floral universe of Nicolai Bergmann, one of Japan’s most recognised international artists, and created a spatial experience that reflects an air of lightness and Nordic sophistication. The interiors feature a refined blend of high-quality furniture and lighting as well as bespoke interior design solutions where maximalism meets minimalism in inspiring contrasts, from solid and heavy pieces to more soft and light structures. Most importantly, the interior creates a showcase for artist Nicolai Bergmann and his fine jewellery.